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Launch Date

08 October, 2022


In South Korea and North America-based blockchain software company [SCOPE].

This is a new [Metaverse Union] project.

We are a team of professionals with many years of industry experience, Form alliances with various

metaverse projects through interesting and effective collaboration with.

This will be a fair competition and a place for those who have the same dream.

We develop a crypto system that can flexibly cross the boundary between investors and users.

VACUUM's community takes advantage of an all-new chat reward system called C2E [Chat to Earn]. It also

aims for a Web3 lifestyle community that extends from Game-Fi and attractive character elements. We aim

to build a platform that will continue to be sustainable by actively nurturing independent content for users.

We would like to solve the new problem of ‘lack of communication’ that occurred during the pandemic era

together with you.

Its vision is WEB 3.0 instead of a huge data center the size of 10 soccer fields, It will be a huge step

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