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17 October, 2022


Clupos is new and unique to digital platform that seeks to bring all the useful features of gaming and DeFi into one place, merging the technology of NFTs with web3 gaming, by designing a brand new ecosystem that will allow you to access unlimited features through minting a unique 3D designed NFT. In addition to granting you access to the latest web3 gaming projects. You can now release the gamer within you on the space in multiple worlds on the same platform.

Clupos network is focused on creating a digital content that is designed to match players' and developers' needs, by harnessing metaverse technology, DeFi and NFTs and merging all of which with virtual gaming to offer an ecosystem where users have true ownership and full control of their gameplay.

Join the growing community and earn while playing your favorite games, compete in tournaments, bet on your favorite teams and create your own world.

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