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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

23 May, 2022


  • Blockchain 420 Inc. is here to change the world with Love and Care, so we created The Love Care Coin (TLCC) to ensure this happens.
  • The Love Care Coin has its own wallet, which is free for the world online as well as in the in the Google and Apple stores
  • Blockchain 420’s wallet enables anyone around the world with internet access. 
  • The ability to participate in the global decentralized financial systems of cryptocurrency investing.
  • People can also send and receive money much faster than a bank or wire transfer. Thus, making remittance extremely fast, affordable, and reliable. 
  • The blockchain is transparent and irreversible. Your transactions are secure.
  • TLCC is disrupting the banking system by giving currency control to the people for peer-to-peer and business transactions. 
  • TLCC enables bank-less transactions worldwide and the financial freedom everyone deserves.
  • We are offering unique affiliate links to make a profit by sharing the LOVE with others.
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