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07 October, 2022


Official Partner of PinkSale: Moon ROI Owner/Team KYC'd, DOXXED, company registered (US), and Money Back Guarantee = 100% SAFE. Set to be the most fun you can have on or off the crypto space. Earn 4% of each: rewards ($mxR) - reflections ($mnR) - Dividends. More returns: Lunar Phase giveaways 21 days/month. $1.5M in $mxr/$mnR/USDT. Own at least $100 in Moon ROI, register on the site and just having fun could 2-10x in 30 days. This project is the "Invest, Register, Refer and Relax" Road to Financial Freedom.

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1 year before ago

Wow!.. This token has it all, Games, Contests, Giveaways, Lotteries and much more all timed by the moons cycle.. most importantly it's a serious investment token.. only has an 12% buy tax, 0% sell... that's 4% in MaxROI Rewards, 4% in MoonROI Reflections, 4% in Dividends.. that means you can cash out your Dividends instead of having to sell your tokens.. now that's something new!

Simba 8

1 year before ago

This sucks! It screams rug pull. Looks like lots of disorganization and dysfunction!!! Don’t invest, it’s a waste, something to good 2 b true

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