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Launch Date

11 October, 2022


🏅JindoChain Foundation introduces future-oriented products to Blockchain 3.0 world that are based on the latest technologies, including web3, multichain / swap (dex), nft market place, metaverse gaming and many more. We can guarantee the simplicity of use, increases the security of storing our investors’ funds, reduces fees to the lowest and enter a hyper realistic metaverse game, build a beautiful, transparent and futuristic meta world.

🔥Join the aidrop competition.  Follow the simple steps below and join the Top 100 of the best people, who will be divided into a pool of 800,000k tokens.

📝 Rules Airdrop Competition JindoChain. 

   1. Anyone can participate. 

   2. Complete the appropriate tasks. 

    3. Get as many points as possible. 

    4. The winner is drawn randomly. 

   5. Aidrop will be distributed In the form of VESTING 


   25% - Date: 15.10.2022

    25% - Date: 31.10.2022

    50% - Date: 30.11.2022

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