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04 October, 2022


What is Bear Vs Bull ?

Bear vs bull is a community meme project focused on the competition between two tokens

Whether you're a bull or a bear, both are here to get you to Mars

In addition to a limited supply, 500,000 per token, they are also deflationary, indeed it is a crucial point to allow the tokens to gain in value, transaction after transaction tokens will be burned, even better, the percentage of tokens burned will increase after each transaction!

The contracts are designed to offer 2% rewards to the holders on each transaction, but in these holders there is also the furnace (the address where the burnt tokens are sent) the more this oven will hold tokens, the more it will obtain a big share on the 2% and therefore more tokens will be burned, and so on! This allows the first holders to take full advantage of the 2% to thank them for their trust, then, these 2% will decrease in direct sharing with the oven! However do not panic, the number of tokens initially burned is relatively low (1%) so as to have a very slow evolution over several years!

This is also the best way to reward holders! Like the furnance, transaction after transaction your number of tokens will increase and therefore your share on the 2%, moreover, day after day you have more tokens and you earn more tokens!

So the total supply decreases day by day, while the number of tokens increases day by day, isn't that beautiful?

In order to stabilize the price and avoid pump & dump, a 1% tax on each transaction during the first months will be intended to stabilize liquidity, half of the 1% will be converted into BEAR or BULL, the other half into BNB and directly injected into the liquidity pool.

The objective of Bear Vs Bull is to be community, a DAO is a design course in order to allow holders to be able to make all possible decisions :)

Join those who think the market will rise, or join those who think the market will fall, and if you have no opinion, then join both sides!

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