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Market Cap


Launch Date

04 October, 2022


VICEWRLD DAO is the world’s first combined Web3 and Adult organization that will be providing three key services for it’s token holder community. VICEWRLD DAO’s vision is to help evolve the Adult industry into Web3.

VICEWRLD DAO will be governed by the $VICE token holders and will progressively become more decentralized over time where control over the treasury and the core decision making will be handed over to the DAO council who will be elected by the token holders. VICEWRLD DAO will also be partnering with adult charity organizations to help with mental health and sex worker rights. Donations will be made via the DAO treasury.

Pornography is a $35 Billion a year global industry with some of the world’s most visited websites being adult sites. The industry is constantly evolving with new types of platforms such as OnlyFans, tube and cam sites alongside the constant innovations in visual technologies such as 2D/3D porn, VR porn and animation porn. There is a common adage that “sex sells” and this has never been more true within the industry itself. The Adult industry will always have a consistent and steady stream of consumers, regardless of economic conditions. There will always be porn consumers who seek and desire new, creative and exciting content.

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