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Binance Smart Chain



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03 October, 2022


Blockchains, which are the focus of today's technology, continue to develop day by day and cause many errors. These errors cause millions of crypto investors to lose money and lose their financial assets. One of the main of these errors is the misconfiguration of the nodes of the blockchains and the congestion problems in the nodes. On October 30, 2022, the Solana network, one of the pioneers of blockchains, experienced a 6-hour outage due to a node configuration error, and millions of Solana users panicked.

There is only one rule that is currently accepted all over the world and in commercial areas; Finding the problem and producing a solution. That's why it is very important for us to take part in Node Scan Network funding and to grow together with our project that aims to provide benefits. You should not forget that we are trying to make a development focused on the benefit of not only NOSC Token purchasers, but also every project, company, person and people involved in blockchain technologies. 

We are working to become the center of attention of not only the Node Scan Network, but also hundreds of people who want to address this problem, and to make the blockchain ecosystems much better and stable by collaborating together.

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