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Launch Date

05 November, 2022


Baby Orion, the son of Orion, who is the great hunter, according to greek mythology, is heading into space. He needs your help getting to daddy Orion that's way up in the galaxy.

​For your community support Baby Orion will give you BNB rewards. You must hold a minimum of 100,000 BABYO. As the community grows, HODLs, and buys/sells happen so does your BABYO value & BNB rewards increase.​

Baby Orion has milestones to reach along his journey to include Farming/staking, CMC/CG/CEX LISTINGS and marketcap milestones. Baby Orion is eager to show the world and galaxy what he can do. So he plans to engage in viral marketing for huge exposure. Help Baby Orion on his journey and he will happily reward you!

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