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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

29 September, 2022


The Fermium Protocol, created for the user experience stuck between hundreds of DApps and new designs that are constantly difficult to adapt, aims to develop a communication network between DApp applications in the BSC network. It makes all DApp applications available within the Fermium DApp, which learns and operates through machine learning.

🟢 If You Want To Buy MIUM Tokens 🟢
Fermium Protocol has BEP20 Token based on Binance Smart Chain. The Fermium Protocol project, whose abbreviation can be found in the BSC network as MIUM, has a total of 200,000,000 MIUMs. Trading can be done from decentralized exchanges powered by the BSC network, such as PancakeSwap or Poocoin. Fees are deducted for 6% of the projects in purchase and sale transactions. Of the fees charged, 1% is charged for Automatic Liquidity, 3% for Marketing, and 2% for providing Charity.

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