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03 November, 2022


We are Trading Warriors P2e NFT Game...

🌐  https://tradingwarriors.net 

🖥️  http://discord.gg/9ksY5EWD2e

Trading Warriors is a browser game, developed on Polygon Blockchain, where players can compete to, battle, collect, raise, and improve their Warriors NFT. 

This universe has a player-owned economy where players can truly own, buy, sell and trade resources they find and earn in the game through skilled-gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. 

Gameplay is structured on PvP and PvE mode, where players have compete with each other using complex strategies and tactics to obtain $TWAR and playable assets.

There are different game modes in Trading Warriors..

⚔️ PvP & PvE - Fight in single player or in co-op mode against other Warriors to earn $TWAR.

🏹 HUNTING - Go Hunt for some of the rarest playable assets in the metaverse !

🛠️ CRAFTING - Use Trading Warriors Crafting system to increase your playable assets power..

💵 STAKING - A true Warrior needs training! Generate passive income through Warriors NFTs staking platform.

💰 COMMUNITY FUND - By participating in the Community Fund, Warriors NFT holders will generate passive income.

🏆 TOURNAMENTS AND EVENTS - Take part in tournaments and events reserved exclusively for Warriors !

Additional activities will be developed by the team and shared with the Trading Warriors Community.

-Welcome to Trading Warriors-

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