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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

26 September, 2022


Swap Dust is an upcoming dapp project. Staking, Yield Farm, Pools, and a whole lot more! Join now and begin earning!


The overall tax is 8%, plus there are additional costs associated with liquidity, team, and development. 1% of the tax will be sent directly and immediately to the liquidity, while the remaining 3% will be sent to the team so that they may build more and get paid to provide you with things that are perfect. And last but not least, we have a 4% tax for development that will eventually be used for building it up. This will not be the least of our worries.


The contract is renounced, making it completely risk-free for all parties involved.


The entirety of the initial liquidity will be locked for a period of 7 days using a mudra locker, which has been demonstrated to offer the highest level of security required by the development team as well as the investors themselves.

About the team

The group is totally committed to its mission, and they are giving it their all to serve the community. As soon as they get a significant amount of support, the crew is going to start taking their project very seriously. The group has already posted information about the project on significant tracking websites and marketplaces. They are able to demonstrate an experience that is honest when they have help.

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