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16 May, 2022


Every investor is looking for profitability and security of his investment. Well, after analysis we propose you the combination real estate - crypto currencies, the solution adapted to the evolution of the business world. Investing in real estate very often requires a lot of financial means. Having a real estate asset requires for most months of sacrifice or endless bank loans. It is often noticed in most countries, unfinished constructions or worse land without constructions.

Also it has become very laborious, the acquisition of a rental property even when it comes to leasing. Tenants are faced with payments of rent advances and other very heavy financial burdens.

It must be said that real estate has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to establish itself as a safe haven value. And in a delicate economic context, it is precisely the best investment to secure your money and savings. There is no right or wrong timing to invest in real estate. At most, there are bad strategies, poorly crafted. As a result, a successful real estate investment requires a first phase consisting in being accompanied by highly qualified experts. This approach has the merit of clarifying the investor’s project and guiding him towards the choices adapted to his profile. Your well-understood interest is based on the choice of a professional who understands you, capable of deploying a tailor-made strategy, eliminating hazards.

While this reassures investors, it is also wise to seek to reduce the financial burden of acquiring an asset without reducing the quality of housing standards.

In order to move in these directions, blockchain technology can be a real solution. Indeed, faced with the difficulty of advancing such an investment project through an international political process, an initiative from civil society, in this case through a common currency, could have a better chance of success. A real estate cryptocurrency would thus benefit everyone by reducing barriers, accelerating and reducing the cost of investing in real estate. That is why we launched the Cashycoin project (CSY), which aims to provide the world with a common currency through the blockchain. Launched initially on the Etherscan network, the real estate currency could eventually use its own blockchain, which will have to be fast, inexpensive and scalable. In order to make the use of Cashycoin currency concrete in the daily life of investors, Cashy Investment has established partnerships to make available to the general public essential tools such as an online wallet, the purchase of Cashycoin by card, the establishment of foreign exchange offices allowing the purchase and sale in cash, modules for e-commerce, mobile payment. Cashycoin is therefore both a currency, an ecosystem and a community of users.

The project also carries humanistic and universal values.

Cashy Investment will also launch initiatives in favour of e-commerce, the creation of a finance school. This is how we propose our company cashy Investment which combines its two types of investment

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