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01 September, 2022


Pointgenie is a geolocation app with social media capabilities built in that have utility in the real world. We solved actual problems which you’ll discover and love. Pointgenie connects web2 and web3 in one single ecosystem rewarding its users for the activity they perform naturally and giving out for free to traditional social media platforms.

The mobile application has a game mechanic design  with points in the mobile app and crypto in the blockchain (Polygon network). Every post, check-in, signup, refer a friend and watching sponsored content has a value in points which are interchangeable for our utility token PointGenieCoin on Polygon mainnet. Exactly… you are right, that is how you mint the token…the cool thing about is that 50% of the total supply belongs to the community and it's set to reach full supply in 20 years.

Only 30% of cryptocurrencies has a real meaning or use in the real world, most of these projects from its conception are created to deceive people and empty their pockets in a sort of scam and then disappear without leaving any trace. We are real people with real faces.

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