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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

22 September, 2022



Our $KATA token will be listed on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

United by our goals, driven by our heart and faith in our community - we became one big family. Be a part of us!

Start your journey into space from Japan.

We are a decentralized, deflationary cryptocurrency with instant 5% rewards for holders.

Katana Inu promotes gaming innovation by efficiently merging two revolutionary technologies — gaming and blockchain. As an all-encompassing ecosystem for gamers and traders, powered by Defi and NFT, Katana Inu's objective is simple: to create a system where gamers can earn from their playtime.

More than 1 billion PC gamers play traditional games for several hours every day without earning from their grind. We hope to change this by developing a unique Play-to-Earn battle royale PC game with NFT mechanics. This approach is the central concept behind Katana Inu! The game comes with rare NFT skins and high graphics to lure players from the blockchain and NFT space and a portion of the 1 billion players of traditional PC games.

Katana Inu comes with its native cross-chain NFT marketplace, which is open to Katana Inu players, regular art dealers, and gamers from other NFT projects.

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