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Market Cap


Launch Date

24 September, 2022


What is Genie Doge?

➔ We got static rewards, so your stoner ass can sit back and get more coins for sitting around doing nothing, or not nothing.

➔ Our high liquidity transaction fee of 1% makes it so we can all get high, even if some mother fuckas smoke too much.

➔ Genie Doge presents Friday High Day: a weekly give away where investors get a chance to win cash prizes just for holding.

➔ We got a merch line coming with lighters, rolling papers, grinders, and limited clothing drops to wear while getting high, or even before getting high.

➔ Sharing is caring. We will donate money towards repairing the lives of people sadly convicted of cannabis charges before legalization. We’ll help save dogs too.

Oh yeah, and we’re creating our own Cannabis strain.

Community Vision:

Genie doge is truly for the people. We firmly believe that all great leaders stand with their own. Community extends outside of this project. We are here for all fellow weed smokers. It’s sad to say over 15 million people have been incriminated with cannabis related charges over the last decade. Genie Doge will donate funds and help bring awareness to leading not for profits that advocate for the people and families of those whose lives were turned upside down, for a plant that rightfully ended up legal.

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