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Launch Date

25 November, 2022


The TAURASCOIN platform is a blockchain-based financial platform that is highly scalable, secure, transparent, and efficient, enabling a variety of services to be safely serviced at faster transmission speeds.

Based on these strengths, we will expand financial services through strategic alliances with various financial companies, thereby expanding the financial infrastructure of TAURASCOIN projects and building a stronger TRC token ecosystem.

Ethical business activities πŸ‘‡

It is a principle to conduct transparent and ethical business activities as the basis of all services of the TAURASCOIN project.

Delivering a global digital finance platform πŸ‘‡

We would like to provide a global financial platform capable of multi-converting digital assets with scalability, transparency, security, and efficiency of financial services through blockchain-based technology.

Expanding cooperative partnerships in the financial sector πŸ‘‡

We will continue to increase the value and influence of the platform by forming active partnerships and strong financial infrastructure with various companies in the financial business sector.

The TAURAS COIN project aims to create and provide a marketplace so that it can be used in all areas that can affect our daily lives, from digital items and collections in the NFT field to auctions of NFT works, governance mechanisms, culture and arts, entertainment, and E-Sport.

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