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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

17 September, 2022


What is REKT Coin?

REKT was created to be a meme coin that provides passive income for investors who have been wrecked. It’s truly community driven and decentralized – which means no one owns it. Holders share piece of each transaction on the network, these are called reflections. REKT pays 6% in reflections on each sell transaction.

What is the utility of REKT Coin?

You can trust REKT because there is no advantage over investors by the creators because we fair launched and have a renounced contract. In other words, token is not “owned” by anyone, the contract was relegated to a dead address. So even the creator has no special privileges. In addition, the creator had to buy shares at the same price as all other investors. This is called a fair launch where owners and developers have no advantage over regular investors. To help protect our holders, we took protective measures on REKT to safeguard all holders from whales, rug pulls, bot snipers and other scamming tactics. For those who don’t know what those are, its technical but they are tactics that scammers and people with malicious intent use to steal your money or assets. We believe it is critically important to do all we can protect investors.

What makes REKT Coin unique?

REKT is a Unique a Meme Coin

No White Paper!

No Roadmap!

Great Marketing!

Fun, new friends and making passive income!

The REKT tokenomics are simple and provides a channel for all investors to earn a passive income with low entrance fees from crypto assets that compound over time.

What are the future plans for REKT Coin?

It is expected that some parts of the crypto craze will fizzle out like a fad over the next couple years. However, the momentum induced by public awareness, acceptance and technology development will continue to grow – REKT will grow right along side this movement because it is built on and paired liquidity with the backbone of the third largest blockchain on the Globe.

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