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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

24 July, 2022


Cash Driver is the next generation of blockchain technology which was designed to make driving better and more economical. 

We reward driving but above all economical driving in road traffic and reward this with our [CD] token.

$$$ > get cash Driver by driving < $$$

The APP required for this is available for download free of charge and complies with the highest security measures and the applicable data 

protection regulations, which are regularly checked and verified by a company commissioned by a third party.

In addition, we are creating a global eco-network of Cash Driver members and charity programs to promote global mobility and, 

in addition to increasing security, also make a contribution to CO2 reduction.

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1 year before ago

this peoject looks very promising to me the app works and they also listet at first exchanges im looking forward to next steps from roadmap

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