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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

02 September, 2022



Inspired by the success and sustainability of the ToxicDeer model, as well fluid economy algorithmic stablecoins such as Serenity Capital comes Roaring Lion, an algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the price of 1 DAI via seigniorage on the BSC network. 

Not just that we have a hybrid model which makes us offer NFTs which have utilities like such as staking.

Roaring Lion is also one of the first protocols to implement new ratio into LP and new TriPool (Lshare/Lion/Dai).

Roaring Lion is the first protocol to have boardroom LP staking instead of single share token stake to deepen the liquidity and with 70/30 LP ratio it creates more buy pressure and less impermanent loss for investors. 

LION - Peg Token. 

LSHARE - Share Token. 

LBOND - Bond Token.

Farms - 

LION/DAI LP (70%/30%) to earn LSHARE

LSHARE/DAI/LION LP (40%/40%/20%) to earn LSHARE 

BoardRoom - 

LSHARE/DAI LP (70%/30%) to earn LION when above 1.01 TWAP.

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