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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

14 September, 2022


Importance and Working Logic

STRIAN Network aims to develop and release an aritificial intelligence that it has produced for blockchain technologies, completely for the blockchain and crypto money industry.
This artificial intelligence, created for its main purposse, develops itself synchronously with Web 3.0 technologies and compiles all the data it has learned algorithmically and applies it on the Strian Token.
To put it briefly, STRIAN Network is an experimental community and development project, and STRIAN Token, on the other hand, provides project continuity by having a structure managed by an artificial intelligence, leaving emotional factors aside and making decisions based on true-false and statistical data only.

STRIAN Network Benefits

The most important factors that distinguish the projects from the others and show that have a future are the benefit items.Items showing the benefits of the STRIAN Network project and why it will be important in the future are as follows.

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