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16 September, 2022


⚜️Tate Inu - The key to get out of the matrix.⚜️ Inspired by the brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate. Tate Inu has a mission - to become a TOP G among all the meme coins. The first of its kind - We support exciting startups and innovative ideas. Helping undiscovered talent escape from 9 to 5 slavery. For this we have a Hidden Talents Fund - in which money is accumulated to support hustlers. Profits from these partnerships are distributed to Holder and also used to expand the empire of hustlers. Our vision is to partner with companies "Powered by Tate Inu LLC" all over the world in the coming years. Holders do not have to wait so long for profits, because Tate Inu enables passive income through HODL. A portion of all transaction fees is paid out to all holders as a reward for their loyalty - automatically. What investors can expect in the short term 💡 🔶CMC/CG Fast Track 🔶Poo Coin Advertising 🔶Call Channels Marketing 🔶Viral UGC Marketing 🔶Inluencer Marketing 🔶Passive Income 🔶Massive buying pressure during launch Who are we❓ We are a team with over 8 years of experience in Crypto. We have successfully helped other projects with community building in the past. Like you, we are also investors and have a passion for DeFi.

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