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27 October, 2021


What is  CoinMooner Token?

Coinmooner is already functioning, rapidly growing and well-known platform that holds the reputation and trust of the crypto community. In as little as 3 months we went from 0 to 1 million unique users per month and currently averaging 25 000 - 60 000 unique visitors daily. This is a successfully functioning business that brings quality service to many customers every day. Our core team is working together in one office and we love what we are doing!

What is the utility of CoinMooner Token?

Holding MOONER brings several benefits. 

As for now, the main benefit is the reward that is going to the holders of our token. 2% of each transaction is automatically spread between all holders. Holders are able to stake MOONER  they are already enjoying the rewards that they are getting. 

Also, the fact that we have already implemented our token into our discount program system so our customers who pay for ads need to buy our token and get a 25% discount on our services.

What makes CoinMooner Token unique?

We have lots of plans and a very ambitious roadmap that we follow and deliver a lot faster than promised. 

Our plan for the future is to launch our NFT platform and launch our own NFT games. We will also work hard on entertainment such as gambling where our token $MOONER will be needed to play and to participate in different activities such as lotteries, etc. 

At this point, we provide marketing to crypto projects as we are already  a functioning voting platform and there are about 50-100 clients per week on average and this number will increase rapidly as we continue to work on the development of the coinmooner website, establishing new partnerships and expanding our website to a larger audience. And after reaching all the goals in the current roadmap, we will focus on the next stars - Neptune, Pluto...

Who are the founders of CoinMooner?

- Helge  aka Mr. H

- Sandor  aka Mr. Y

- Dr. X aka Mr. X

What are the future plans for CoinMooner Token?

Currently, we are trying to focus worldwide but keeping the main focus on Europe, the USA, Russia, Asia, and Turkey. We already have more than 10 local communities that support our project. We focus heavily on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which will bring traffic from lots of different countries. Furthermore, getting new partners rapidly to be integrated into our ecosystem as well as working with them very closely on a regular basis is what we thrive for.

And last but not least is our Shill army which works 24/7 and is doing a great job on a global scale.

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