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14 September, 2022


CareCoin is a SAFU Certified Cryptocurrency based in the USA that is built on the BSC whose goal is to make a major impact globally. ✅SAFU Certified ✅Official Flagship Sponsor/Partner of The American Cancer Society ✅USA-Based ✅ContractChecker Audited & Passed SAFU Standards ✅KYC ✅KYB (company) ✅Experienced Owners ✅15+ Utilities ✅Safety & Compliance Certifications ✅CareChain (Blockchain) ✅CareVerse (MetaVerse) ✅CareShop (Marketplace) ✅CareView ✅CareDeX ✅CareWallet ✅Swap ✅CareCafe ✅Largest Good-Will Project

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