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Binance Smart Chain



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13 August, 2021


 AnchorSwap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) and our Exchange is the heart of it. The application runs on the Binance Smart Chain with increased security, majority of functions of every other AMM and many more!


AnchorSwap´s Exchange offers several features supporting decentralized trading, such as farming, pooling and lottery. Furthermore we are developing multichain functions for different chains like ERC, Polkadot and we are also developing a prediction trading and a decentralized leverage trading as well.


The USP of the token is to reduce the fees and get a cashback, if you have it in your wallet, or to use it as fees for a swap.

The token by itself is a deflationary token which has both minting and burning, so and an "anti-whale" algorithm. Most exciting is that we are safe on the code's site and we are in auditing phases at the moment.

AnchorFinance is in progress of building the whole financial ecosystem.

- AnchorSwap - an automated market maker and yield farming platform

- AnchorExchange - the first fully decentralised leverage trading platform with an innovative staking functionality

- AnchorLink - a multi-chain wallet connecting the traditional finance economy with the crypto space,           a gate to all the products in the AnchorFinance ecosystem

- NAFT - NFT platform combining NFTization, Tokenization and Fractionalization to provide access to high-value assets for investors

- AnchorPay - a payment plugin for online crypto payments

- AnchorFiat - a gateway between Crypto and Fiat assets

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