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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

28 July, 2022


About Duorice

All first investors will get at 09.08.2022r Satoshi Island Tokens. We had 3 subscribtion on Tenset from CEO team. So extra tokens will be distributed by this way. All BNB and ETH inwested until 08.08.2022r this is the last day to entry with bonsu satoshi island tokens. So 1.5 x tokens we will get from max subscribtion / all bnb invested from start * bnb what You invested from start project. The same amount 1.5 will be distributed to ETH inwestors.

As BNB is first starting they have better rules as we respect first investors little more (bnb is cheaper, then ETH.

The tokens are belong community, and even owner have no access to contract. Only ho sent BNB can do interaciton with contract. So its Your game. The team and owenr is taking near 5% to buybacks, adverts, and creating new company, from any buying in lobby. Some money gotted from lobbys will be used for buybacks (from this 5%).

Inwestors who pleyed this game will got company shares from new company who owner will create. (% of shares will be counted by main token investment (BNB, ETH... (not by LAVA tokens, so even late investors will got same shares) beofre 90 days from start. 90 day is last day for counting to company shares.

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