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Binance Smart Chain



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02 May, 2022


ChainSwaps is a decentralized, trust-less protocol that enables cross-chain swaps between different blockchains. ChainSwaps works similarly to PancakeSwap, except it allows users to switch between major blockchains without the necessity of wrapped tokens, special wallets, or specialist software. It is universal and decentralized, and it can be merged with any chain and any transaction type. 

ChainSwaps maintains the State Chain, a Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism on the BNB Smart Chain which allows for faster transactions and scalability in order to handle assets across multiple networks. ChainSwaps' multi-chain nature means that it can support any generic decentralized transaction network as long as it passes basic security assurances. The ChainSwaps State Chain tracks all balances, swaps, and events, so users will only pay transaction fees for the blockchains with which they interact. Simple, easy, and powerful.

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