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07 May, 2022


SEEK Token is the shareholder token for SEEK Token LLC. (SEEK).  It was formed by a group of experienced investors SEEKing to rid the crypto space of fraud and corruption.  This dedicated team brings a combined quarter-century of experience in the banking, lending, and financial sector which is vital to the mission.  SEEK is a company focused on education, Know Your Customer (KYC), and auditing services.


SEEK offers the most stringent KYC services in the crypto space. This is provided quickly, securely, and at a fraction of the cost of most providers.  This promotes safety by accountability.


SEEK’s audit process is a combination of digital review and in-depth personal human element investigation which has proven valuable and indispensable.  While scanners, code, contract, and hard copy reviews are extremely important, oftentimes it’s the unpredictable human element that is in need of the most focus and investigation.  That detail sets SEEK apart and ahead of the rest of the industry.  This unique process was built and designed for investors, by investors.


SEEK Token serves as a means to reward the shareholders of SEEK Token LLC.  The majority of taxes along revenue generated from the sales of KYC and auditing services are returned to the token holders via the SEEK Safe Drop (SSD) utility.  This revenue is collected and used to purchase a combination of SEEK tokens and tokens from trusted projects within the space. These rewards are safely dropped to SEEK holders.


SEEK NFTs provide rewards in SEEK Token along with providing access to SEEK specific areas in multiple upcoming metaverse projects.


SEEK is continuously producing and updating educational material to disseminate throughout the crypto space.   Weekly Twitter spaces are held to discuss important educational topics.  Safety in crypto begins with education in crypto.


SEEK Token LLC is the #1 place on the BSC for security, education, community, transparency, and stability.

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