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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

02 September, 2022


🚀 Get $LUNC Every Hour 🚀

The main interest of the token is to automatically receive via each transaction (purchases, sales and transfers) 7% of $LUNC
It's automatic, there's no need to claim, the contract is designed to send approximately every hour (depending on volume) your reward share in proportion to what you hold, the more you hold, the more you earn (In the reasonable limit, there is an anti-whale measure, it is not possible to hold more than 5% of the total supply)!

$LUNCG is stabilized by the staking and buy back protocol, a 1% comission is collected by the contract to buy back $LUNCG and add to the liquidity pool in order to support it, reduce selling pressure and to increase buying pressure. With this automatic buyback systems based on volume, the §LUNCG token is able to keep stable and perform better than other coins during downward market trends. With our buyback and staking protocol, holders are incentivized to be diamond handed further securing the long-term success of the project.

There is no token allocated at launch for marketing, firstly because the token is community oriented, the contract is renounced, we can no longer interact with it. There is a 2% fee to ensure continued marketing, this is the best way to launch a community token, we don't own a big chunk of the supply and won't sell tokens to promote it, on each transaction 2% will be automatically converted to $LUNC and sent to a marketing wallet, no sales pressure.

💫• Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
🥞• ILO (pancakeswap) 77% (770,000,000)
🔥• Burn 20% (200,000,000)
👨‍🏫• Team : 3% (30,000,000)

🚀• 7% §LUNC Rewards
💥• 1% Added to LP
💢• 2% Marketing
🔐• Mudra Locked Liquidity: 1 Year

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