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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

01 September, 2022


BUSDY BOOBS is creating a based Ecosystem of utilities all designed to generate additional token volume which will generate additional passive income for all the holders.

This will be a one of a kind suite of  applications that will independently generate revenue from various activities such as buying and selling NFT's, games and other utilities. 100% of the net profits generated by the utilities will be used for $BOOBS BuyBack & Burn system.

BUSDY BOOBS also give $BUSDY rewards to all our holders by simply holding $BOOBS which automatically sent to their wallet. Aside from $BUSDY rewards you also get BUSD rewards by simply holding $BUSDY in your wallet. Rewards you get from holding are depends on investors bag and its holding duration, the larger bag and the longer you hold the more $BUSDY rewards  you get.

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