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13 September, 2022


Federal Reserve 3.0

Do you miss stimulus checks? Do you miss Yolo’ing them into shit coins? Do you wish those checks came directly in BNB?

We’re bringing back the stimulus checks, the gains, but taking it to a new level.

Federal Reserve 3.0 is a SAFU, audited and KYC'd project using a revolutionary lottery system that gives each holder the chance to get a stimulus check delivered every 24 hours.

All you have to do is hold $FED3.0, and each time you buy you'll go into the lottery to take home the current BNB stimulus treasury. A holder can win once in a 24 hour period but the lottery runs around the clock.

Federal Reserve 3.0 Treasury Bonds, issued as NFTs, are a ground breaking investment product being offered right here on the BSC. These will be issued at auction, have a full secondary market for trading on our custom DAPP and be redeemable for $FED3.0 or rolled over at maturity to keep earning a great return.

This is only the beginning, we are working hard behind the scenes to follow these products up with exciting decentralised versions of other investment vehicles such as a toxic asset repo market to earn yield on those junk, rugged tokens and interest bearing yield products boosted by our $FED3.0 token

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