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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

06 July, 2022


What Is ChainByte?


ChainByte is a blockchain data listening & automation platform that is both powerful and easy to use. Enabling anybody to connect them with centralized technologies, in a few clicks, no code is needed.


Thanks to our no-code and cross-chain monitoring platform, we work with financial institutions, leading DeFi protocols, and developers to automate app workflows and solve governance, trading, and compliance challenges.


Main Features

Transform your crypto experience and create the exact solution you need to engage with your digital assets and communities at every step of the journey.


Digital Assets Management

Track your wallet, liquidity levels, tokens and NFTs prices, relevant swaps, and collateral health to trade safe and maximize your returns.


Decentralized Governance

Boost DAOs' engagement by notifying your community about upcoming vocations or building bots on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord.


Blockchain compliance

Track your crypto activities for tax purposes and push data from blockchains to your centralized IT systems, no coding is required.


Best DeFi Coverage

Notifications for 40+ dApps spanning all major blockchains, to query and automate tasks.


Push notifications

No need to refresh. Notifications will be pushed to email and web2 social media in real time.



We support the leading blockchains of today and will continue to support and develop the ones you love.


24/7/365 Up-Time

Real-time notifications that monitor on-chain data to make sell/buy decisions 24/7/365.


Privacy and security

We don't eavesdrop or sell any data to third parties. All data is encrypted on a secure server.


A thriving ecosystem

Join a growing community of 10,000+ crypto individuals. Learn and grow with the tribe.

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