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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

13 August, 2022


Ipunks is a collaboration of 2 tokens combined to 1. Infinite 2 and streetpunks formed into ipunks and launched just a few weeks ago! SO YOU ARE EARLY!!!!

The best utility is the rewards back in bnb for staking in the dummy pool. This staking pool does not give a lot of reflections but staking in this pool is the only way to get your dividend tracker for bnb rewards. 

Ipunks is also partnered with farmaggedon, where you will find the dummy staking pool along with other staking pools for ipunks. Inside farmageddon you can also buy ipunks lottery ticket for a chance to win more ipunks tokens along with a pocket casino where you can also play games to bet ipunks to try and win more ipunks!

Ipunks is on the verge of launching the P2E game that is a battle royale game. There will be a NFT project launch to get you your characters and this game is 5v5. The game will have a lobby where you can even chose to play in private or public match.

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