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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

08 September, 2022


Ancient Warfare - a NFT Play to earn project which boasts astonishing visuals and captivating features: ✅ Free to earn UP TO 60$/DAY, P2e, PVP, Oracle, Zerogas. ✅ No unlocked Tokens ✅ Audited , KYC'D & DOXXED ✅ Safu Contract ✅ No Private Sale ✅ Supported by many big KOLs: Venoms, Caesars, Gollums, Crypto Cat, Hulk Gems, China Pump Call,Doxxed, Shill Seals,Bidaobi..... ✅CMC & CGC fastrack ✅Ads Poocoin, Dextool Trending✅ Add liquid: 70% ✅ Already have products+ Apps

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