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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

23 August, 2022


ProtocolX is here to change the game by implementing an ever-developing, expanding, and growing ecosystem that all feeds into each other.

ProtocolX $PTX begins as a 1.77% daily auto-rebasing token. What does that mean? Once you buy the token, it will begin to automatically rebase in your wallet. No work to do to make the magic happen!

Just by simply holding the $PTX token in your wallet, you will receive rebases every 30 minutes that are directly and immediately added to your wallet (no claiming required).

Once per 30 days, APY will be reduced by 10% from the previous month. This allows for the token to continue to maintain positive price action pressure while the PTX token rebases with a flexible supply. This will continue each month for 12 events, ending with a fixed .5% daily yield rate (rebasing every 30 minutes).

What do we mean by this? While it is not a classical “halving” in the sense of daily yield being reduced by 50%, it is a means of reducing emissions rate over time in a structured and predictable means in order to maintain growth of the protocol.

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