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24 August, 2022


Balder is the son of Odin, the God of eloquence and peace. A logo with this name has to have a balance and a peace connection, but uniting this with technology.

Due to the Nordic runes, the letter B of Balder makes reference, as well as the bleutooth that represents the data connection between one and the other, our logo would have to make reference to the name and also reference to infinity which is also a Nordic rune that represents the high and also the low creating a balance in its elements as if it were a kind of scale.

Based on these studies we should also do the thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto who also started with his letter B of bitcoins, also worth mentioning we should remember the blockchain which is also part of this whole ecosystem without this we cannot keep the system active. And the blockchain starts with the letter B.

Our Balder token is being traded on our platform and on pancakeswap.

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