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23 August, 2022


Did you know that your body needs at least 8 glasses of water a day? So do you drink enough water every day?

Don't forget to drink water during the busy day with Water Drink Reminder! At the times you set, 

it will remind you to drink water by sending notifications to reach the goal you set. Thus, 

you will be able to drink enough water during the day and keep track of the water you drink.

Water Drink Reminder will remind you to drink water regularly, show your drinking history, 

and facilitate water tracking with live/monthly/yearly reports. In this way, 

you will get a habit of drinking water and you will have a healthy life.

Drinking water regularly will speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. 

Take the first step to a healthy life with Water Drinking Reminder, which has a simple, 

simple and useful design. The Water Drink reminder serves people of all ages with its easy use.

With the Water Drink Reminder, you won't have to stick β€œDrink Water!” notes on your desk or refrigerator.

To use the app, enter your name, choose your gender and sport status, then accept the goal set for you. 

If you want, you can set different goals according to yourself. You can set how often the reminder notifies you. 

You can choose the most suitable one for you among the drinking bowls or add your own drinking bowl. 

You can see your drinking history from the history section and delete the wrong entries. 

You can follow your drinking habits through the reports. 

You can choose the sound you want for water drinking notifications, set it to vibrate or silent.

It determines your daily goal specifically for height, weight and gender, 

reminds you to drink water at regular intervals and reports your drinking history. 

All this in one app, completely free.

And now comes the best!

we reward you for doing your body good by drinking enough water.

link your wallet to our APP and get rewarded for your performance in the form of [WATER] tokens.

You get the reward by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day and confirming this in the app.

after that we will automatically credit you with the amount in [WATER] tokens.

If you have saved at least 5000 [WATER] tokens, you can simply have them paid out.


[center][color=orange][b]1 day   = 100     [WATER] tokens

1 week  = 1,000   [WATER] tokens

1 month = 5,000   [WATER] tokens

1 year  = 100,000 [WATER] tokens[/b][/color][/center]

General features:

πŸ’§ It has a simple and appealing design.

πŸ’§ Easy to use, appeals to users of all ages.

πŸ’§ It looks beautiful with dark design.

πŸ’§ Don't forget to drink water with regular and smart notifications.

πŸ’§ You can customize the notification times and intervals.

πŸ’§ Enter your personal details and choose your recommended goal for your health.

πŸ’§ Track your water drinking habits with history and reports. We have prepared stylish and simple graphics for you.

πŸ’§ Choose the most suitable for you with the attached water drinking bowl options.

πŸ’§ If you wish, add your own drinking bowl.

πŸ’§ Use all these features for free and get into the habit of drinking water regularly.

Benefits of drinking water regularly:

* Protects your skin health,

* Prevents the formation of kidney stones and makes it easier to drop,

* Regulates your blood pressure,

* Regulates your mood,

* Reduces your cancer risk,

* Makes you look young

* Relieves your tiredness during the day,

* Helps protect you from diseases and strengthens your immune system,

* Helps you lose weight.

Get a healthy habit and do your body a favor with Water Drinking Reminder. Healthy life is not far away.

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