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22 August, 2022


Human Race - “The Last Project” - Speaks the tale of a philanthropist donating his final project to the community, endowing humanity forever.


Human Race was launched by a world-renowned developer that was fed up with the unethical behaviours and the dark side of the current Cryptocurrency Space. Self admittedly, participating in such behaviours in the past himself in his self authored medium article titled “The Truth”

Human Race was launched with his plan of giving complete control to the community while he spends his time and efforts making world a better place for the “Human Race” through his work in Philanthropy. In his Medium article, he posted an instagram account that he will post his “deeds” on his road to self redemption. All marketing funds are the communities’ and will be used for the betterment of the Human Race.

The utility for the project will evolve as time goes on, as it currently stands the community has set up a DAO with a Gnosis multi-sig wallet for the marketing and community reserved funds. In process now is evolving the current Human Race ecosystem to allow interactive features for community members and investors alike to contribute and take part in this mission.

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