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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

20 August, 2022


Mr. Based | $WONKA Dev, [21 Aug 2022 at 18:33:11]:

An unstoppable community, a huge Lottery and a side of Cakemoon rewards. Hold $WONKA to win 1/5 of a 3% tax prizepool, weekly. UTILITY TO BE REVEALED!

Ran by a well-connected doxxed dev, $WONKA aims to capitalise on the Gold hype in a unique and exciting way. Hold $WONKA to be eligible to win a Golden Ticket. Every week, 5 lucky holders will split an ENTIRE WEEK’S Golden Ticket tax revenue!

7% BUY TAX - 1% LP, 1% Golden Ticket, 1% CakeMoon Rewards, 4% Marketing

14% SELL TAX - 2% LP, 2% CakeMoon Rewards, 2% Golden Ticket, 8% Marketing

2% Max Wallet (2,000,000 tokens)

2% Max Buy (2,000,000 tokens)

1% Max Sell (1,000,000 tokens)

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