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Binance Smart Chain



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29 August, 2022


What is IOX ? At is core IOX is a revolutionary staking DApp designed to give users great return on investment. Drawing inspiration from the Avarice platform, IOX present a more durable and user-friendly method of staking token; IOX brings the auction fun and FOMO to the Binance Smart Chain. About IOX IOX is designed to provide maximum benefit to the stakers. Users will buy IOX tokens with BNB on our easy to use DApp. They can then stake their tokens to earn interest paid in IOX along with their share of the BNB dividends from the daily auction lobby. Users can make as many stakes they want for as long as they want up to a maximum of 300 days. The longer the stake, the more interest you earn, all while enjoying staking bonuses along the way. Simple. Selling your unfinished stakes with your chosen price

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