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Binance Smart Chain



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08 August, 2022


Decentralized Finance & Trustless Token DaoVerse is a revolutionary Farm-as-a-Service project designed in a way that allows users to passively earn yield in the form of Staking rewards from top tier projects in the form of $DVRS rewards.

Our mission is to use treasury funds allocated from users towards NFT Game development, 3D & Metaverse VR Games, along with investing directly into teams and corporations that have a long term vision on Metaverse games and P2E! This will be achieved through community voting as per majority decisions made by Metaverse DAO members.

FRAMEWORK Blockchain Agnostic Blockchain agnosticism adds another layer of decentralization into DaoVerse system. We aspire to create a new standard for digital money, where anyone can mint stable priced coins without requiring to have a specific crypto asset.

With powerful partners that let us integrate their tokens to use as collateral, the goal of DaoVerse is to keep expanding the possibilities of a decentralized stablecoin model.

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