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18 August, 2022


The events of the game take place after the crash of a liner near uninhabited islands. A group of surviving chickens begins their exploration of the island. But as soon as they reach the interior of the island, they come across wild Aborigines who perceive them as food. Everyone ran with all their might, but some managed to hide among the bushes, and some were caught.


The passage of various locations and the possibility of receiving bonuses in various forms (P2E)

Compete in different tracks and worlds with friends or random players for pool coins and other rewards in PVP mode.

Getting bonuses every week and every month from holders of $CSG coins.

Automatic participation of NFT Hero holders in airdrops of game items and coins.

🔥Contract Address: 0xA5d99f04BF6636f87FFA3FC9d5b080e6F9d4bEdf

🔥Website: https://chickenssurvival.org/

🔥Telegram: https://t.me/chickenssurvival

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