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Launch Date

14 July, 2022


GLOW500 is a token created & inspired by the culture of GLOW500. The token is community

driving and geared towards establishing financial wealth for its holders just as the artist they

come to love & even support!

Far too long as hip-hop lovers & supporters we have financially bankrolled the culture with

our purchases. From ticket sales to downloads & even buying apparel.

GLOW500 was created with the intention for the culture of hip hop to give back financially for

the 1st time ever to those that back the movement.

Simply by being a holder of GLOW500, you for the 1st time will as a fan and or supporter of

the culture receive composition for the part you play.

As the GLOW500 community and holders bring awareness to the cryptocurrency within the

hip hop culture. The more we as a community can push for GLOW500 to be accepted by

artists and the GLOW500 culture itself. Bringing awareness brings value to the TOKEN which

creates wealth for its holders

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