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Binance Smart Chain



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23 May, 2022


FaceOS - get sexual impressions at any time and in any place in the world. An innovative blockchain project for intimate life with maximum realism and vivid sensations.

FaceOS is designed to give users a sexual experience that is as close to real as possible. There are 3 unique modes available: VR, Metaverse and Live. Everyone will be able to fully satisfy their sexual needs and get vivid emotions. 

We unite people in the world of bright, interesting and safe sex.

Our goal is to unite people in the world of sex and communication, regardless of their gender, orientation and place of residence.

You can not worry about the safety of health and get new emotions without cheating on your spouse, — virtual reality will give a feeling of complete immersion and a new experience together with a partner, even if he is several thou- sand miles away from you.

Metaverse of online sex

We are creating a unique metaverse in VR based on the blockchain FaceOS Network.

  • Interaction with strangers;
  • Generated scenes that aren't found on any other site;
  • Full immersion mode;
  • Opportunity to become a VR model; - Connect toys and devices that will help you fully experience the scene.

 What problems are we solving

The FaceOS app solves a number of problems that people face in everyday life

Loneliness, boredom, separation, lack of sexual experience. We will also help lovers at a distance to feel and see each other.

The project will give people with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy themselves again and feel the warmth of another person.

FaceOS features 

Versatility. Every user can get real pleasure regardless of physical characteristics, sexual experience and distance.

Creating your avatar in the Metaverse. Players don't communicate with AI, but with real people, whom they can find themselves or invite to the location.

Realism. Full immersion with VR and integration of sex toys via Wi-Fi to get the most vivid emotions.

Future of the app 

Our final goal is to connect the worlds of dating and sex into an exciting game.

Users will be able to get acquainted and receive tokens, NFT and other bonuses for this. For example, you can upgrade the skill of your avatar according to the principle: the more likes, the higher the personal level!

The increase in the level will be influenced by the likes of partners, for which players will receive NFT or coins. And with the help of coins, you can upgrade your character.

With an increase in skill and level, the chance of dating increases.

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