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07 May, 2022


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Admiring female natural beauty since Sep 2021

Crypto Idolz started with three 2D NFT collections (Boobs + Butts + Faces) on Solana. Every piece was created with great honour to the most beautiful creatures on earth, women, in their natural and primary state. All three collections successfully SOLD OUT and now are available on secondary marketplaces

Since then Idolz grew into a huge ecosystem with numerous products in it. We opened our own Idolz Marketplace with awesome features like NFTs Re-rolling and Recommendation system. We run Idolz Raffles where you can win partners' NFTs and other items. We build Idolz Club, the first p2e virtual strip club, where you can stake your NFTs to get $IDOLZ. And much more yet to come ❀️

$IDOLZ is an essential part of the Idolz Ecosystem. Once released it will be used as the primary internal currency for minting, trading, and upgrading Idolz NFTs. Below are the main highlights about $IDOLZ distribution, utility, and options to get it.

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