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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

09 August, 2022


Shibacent is a meme driven coin issued on the binance smart chain,that follows the example of other successful Shiba coins like Shiba inu, Floki inu. Featuring a shiba on it’s logo, we also are planning on reaching a value of 1 CENT as every Shiba holder dreams of and we will be having burning eventsthat will increase the coin’s value. • The core of shibacent is to bring competitive player vs player(pvp) gamers to the crypto community • Due to the crypto gaming scene being dominated by [ Pay To Win] and [ Pay To Earn] Games. • Shibacent is unique in the sense that we’ve designed the project in such a way that’s its both. • Rewarding and fun so that you will wager your coins and increase your holdings of the coin. • While at the same time having fun, We will be supporting NFTs at launch.with the ability to buy,sell and trade within the game’s marketplace. • We offer NO [pay to earn] or [pay to advance] microtransaction. • the playfield is leveled for all game’s participants.

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