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Binance Smart Chain



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01 May, 2022


Through investment in cryptocurrencies, we have created a new way of betting, gaming, gambling and entertainment. On our platform, we will deliver a reliable, transparent, and decentralized solution in which gaming lovers and people looking for a place to invest their high-risk funds may participate, or simply entertain themselves by investing in the world of cryptocurrencies. We have created a multifunctional platform where you can use instant exchange, secure transactions, profitable trading and play games in our own crypto play-to-earn games and casino, where people will play games and earn income. GRUUK is bringing the arcade experience to the blockchain. Many games that you can play-to-earn BNB and other prizes. An NFT marketplace to collect our exclusive NFT drops from your favorite games on our platform and a game developer program aimed at rewarding and showcasing talent. GRUUK was created with the idea that a crypto project should be both fun and rewarding. There are around 3 billion gamers all around the world and the industry is valued at up to 162 billion dollars today, expected to multiply in the next five years. The demand for decentralized gaming, betting, NFTs is ever rising. GRUUK’s goal is to become a mega player in this space, bringing the best entertaining platform ever. Earn while you play! Earn rewards for completing levels, winning high-score competitions, and more. Not into gaming? You can earn while playing games!

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