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31 July, 2022


ProTrade’s ProTEthX (ERC20) is a digital asset for global trading without exposure or manipulation by internal influences. 100% LP locked, 42% sent to Dead Wallet by deployer after 100% Stealth Launch, no team/dev wallet, contract renounced, 0% taxes and verified contract.

A pure asset on the fundamentals of crypto. No Team, No Project, 100% you.

99 percent of recent projects introduces some form of tax to be able to fund the project. key word. Project. What if there was a token that is not backed by any project or its influence on price? If you want to trade, typically you are losing some revenue due to taxes on buys or sells. Welcome to an asset with zero tax. 

How can you do this?

The answer is simple. There is NO project. There is no utility to fund, no overhead. No Team, No more of your typical price influences except for you, yourself. Trade among each other. Welcome to the purest asset class within Digital assets. 

With no project, no tax, comes zero revenue to the developers. Did I mention, No airdrops, no dev wallets, no BS. With this model comes a single hurdle. That also means no marketing funds since there is no project funding.  After weighing all potential possibilities, to create that, it took away from the fundamentals of this asset. Pure trading with zero "project" influence. It was either follow the typical model, a project, with a goal and a means to an end. or give the industry the purest asset class since BTC.

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