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Launch Date

18 June, 2022


FURRY is a decentralized blockchain platform providing Agricultural assistance in a safe and decentralized way . 

Detailed description 

The plan consists of the creation of a staking and farming platform, which will produce our reward token (which in order not to reveal the name we will call it a great name in the future bacause it will be a great project) which will be distributed to those who will use the platform, and therefore to the FURRY DOGE holders. Plus another feature that we will only reveal at launch.

The platform will focus on ease of use. We do not want to create difficult things that are then not used, but simple things that can be used among the masses.

The main options of the platform will be the following:

Staking Furry Farm Furry Doge

Most of Furry doge 2 will be allocated to these 2 project mentioned above.

The remainder will be used for:


  Furry Dao community wallet

Treasure wallet

Dev teams and platform maintenance

The allocation for the Furry community wallet will be managed by the Dao, and will finally give funds to the community so that it can achieve what it wants in the future. The allocation for the Furry treasure wallet will be used to make some donations or for any other choices, again decided by the Dao.

In summary, Furry will be very important in our Defi ecosystem (DeCo), as it will be the governance currency, the Furry reward token, and it will have important functions in the subsequent products of the Furry world which the community will develop. While Furry will be a store of value and the subject of new functions that will be revealed later, as well as a token that will give important passive income (staking, farming, Donation).

Observations on the platform and objectives: In recent years we have seen hundreds of swaps and platforms flourish, all clones of each other basically, and all with a strong limit: the difficulty of use. In other platforms, however, we have seen a drift of liquidity towards projects outside the ecosystem of the native currency, and a loss of focus on what are the coins of the founding ecosystem. With Furry we will not repeat these mistakes. The platform will be easy to use with attractive graphic and beyond that, it will have a SIMPLE AND CLEAR user interface.

This is a very important principle for focusing price pressure on the furry ecosystem platform


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