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29 June, 2022


Oloverse (OLO) is a hyperdeflationary utility token from the ERC-20 network launched on June 29, 2022 that aims to bridge hologram technology with the crypto world.We will be clear. When everyone tries to be a part of the Metaverse; Large commercial brands, the gaming industry, telecommunications groups, the sports sector… We can sense that its potential is enormous.At Oloverse Project we are certain of this potential, that is why we are going one step further, we are back, and we have set ourselves the goal of bringing the Metaverse to real life by applying holographic technology. What?Yes, without glasses. With holograms. A hologram is a three-dimensional projection of an object that can be seen without any special equipment like glasses or cameras.The object can be viewed from any angle, so if the user walks around the projection, the object will appear to move and change realistically.The Oloverse team has vast experience in this technology and aspires to become one of the pioneers in this rapidly growing industry that will impact everyday life in the near future.A new revolution in the technological world is about to come and we want to be protagonists.Therefore, OLO is a token designed for sophisticated and visionary investors.It is also important that you know that for us the community has a very special value, we invite you to join our social networks and understand why.

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